Fight Club

Fight Club

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The first rule of Fight Club is: You can talk about fight club with whoever you want!

Here is a short introduction to the ideas of Fight Club:

- Every so often, I plan to hold a fighting event, which will include both PKs and NPKs.  

- The fighting will take place in the CTF arena and will be 1 v 1 combat, team events may follow! 

- There will be a number of divisions of fighters and where a player is placed will be largely decided by their skill bonuses and PvP experience.

- The divisions and fight information for current season will be posted on the divisions page and results will be on the results page. 

- There will be a number of rules which are explained in the rules page.

- You can see information on old season on the archive page.

I have a unique scoring system in place for these fights to try and keep the leagues as open as possible:

* If a player gets three kills within the 30 minute time limit, they score three points . 

* If three kills are not reached within the time limit but there is a player with more kills than the other, for example a 2-0 or a 2-1 win, they will gain two points, this is called a 'marginal win'. 

* If the time limit has passed and kill score is even, both players receive one point. 

* A loss scores no points.

You have to organise your fights yourself and should fight everyone in your division once. There will be approximately 6 weeks from the start date to complete all fights although if there's a large number of people lagging behind, this deadline could be extended.

There will be cash prizes for finishing positions of the leagues. There's also going to be item prizes that will be given out for league 'achievements'. These include:  

CF - first to complete all fights (one per division) + extra prize for being first to complete out of any division.

NPK - most impressive NPK (not just judged by me).

MIP - most impressive player (not necessarily the winner, just someone that does much better than expected, again not judged only by me).

DW - most dramatic win - in which you seal a victory (marginal win or 3 fight win) in the closest time to the 30 minute time limit (one per division) + extra prize for having the most dramatic win overall from any division.

QW - quickest win  - in which you win (3 kills) in the quickest time (one per division) + extra prize for having the quickest win overall from any division.

FL - having a flawless season and winning every fight, must complete 75% of fights or more to qualify.

BG - best in guild - where your win the most fights (as a percentage) than anyone else in your guild over all 6 divisions (one per guild and 50% fight completion is required)

CK - comeback king - where you were losing 2-0 and come back to win 3-2! (prizes to be awarded every time this happens!)

--- OLD INFORMATION FROM THE FIRST SEASON - leaving in so I can remember ---

Cash prizes are:

Div 1 - 1st=40r 2nd=25r 3rd=20r

Div 2 - 1st=35r 2nd=20r 3rd=17r 4th=15r 5th=12r

Div 3 - 1st=30r 2nd=18r 3rd=15r 4th=12r 5th=10r

Div 4 - 1st=25r 2nd=16r 3rd=12r 4th=10r 5th=8r

Div 5 - 1st=20r 2nd=14r 3rd=10r 4th=8r

Div 6 - 1st=15r 2nd=10r 3rd=8r 4th=6r

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